Bicycle Task-Force Meeting

The City of Tyler/MPO  Bicycle Task-Force Meeting was on Thursday Afternoon March 19, 2015.  Below is a brief summary of the the meeting.

  • I question was posed about riding bicycles on city sidewalks; the city confirmed that there is no ban on riding bicycle on sidewalks.
  • TxDOT confirmed that there is sufficient room for bike lanes on Old Jacksonville hwy.  No lanes have been designated and that is why there is no signage.
  • A new bike route in the city were proposed and a short presentation was made.
  • Another presentation was made on the proposed extension of the South Tyler Trail System.  The Legacy Trail will have two routes:  one route will extend from Grande, along Old Jacksonville hwy to Gresham; the other route will follow Dueling Oaks, south to W. Cumberland Rd.  State and local funds, as well as donations will pay for the proposed extension.

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